What to Keep in Mind When Choosing Movers

Full-service that moving companies offer is not necessary, but they can facilitate your relocation. Changing the place of residence is one of the most stressful events in life. That’s why the choice and hiring of a moving company is the solution that gives you a guarantee that the job will be done well and your things will be safe.

Although some people decide to carry out most of their moving, keep in mind that no relocation is smooth. There are situations when it is better to rely on professionals, such as when moving across the state or to another country. The procedure itself is complicated, and professional help will do. Also, when moving heavy and delicate items, it’s best to hire someone with experience. Or simply, contract movers in case you don’t have enough time to organize the moving.

In case moving companies are not the option, read here how to be better at planning your moving. But if you still need professional assistance, here is the list of things to look for before contracting them.

Ask for Recommendation

A good recommendation has always been the best advertisement. You may know someone who has almost moved so you can ask to recommend good and reliable movers. If you do not personally know anyone, spread the word that you’re changing the place of living. Always someone knows someone (who knows someone) who moved recently and who can recommend a reputable moving company.

 ‘Rule of Three’

Expenses can vary in several different movers. So do not ever make a sudden decision. Cut down the list to three (or four) moving companies, and go to a more detailed survey. Call them and schedule in-person meetings.

Legitimate companies will gladly do pre-calculation of expenses for you. This amount can never be exact because prices vary due to different factors (where you move, how much cargo you have, what services you need, etc.), but you will roughly know how much money you’ll need for moving.

There are many ways to cut down moving costs, so check some of them: https://www.thesimpledollar.com/25-simple-ways-to-cut-the-cost-of-moving/.

Check Movers Background

Also, before you go into the moving process, go online and look for useful information about the movers you are interested in. Make a list of a few companies, and search for their background and reviews. You will be wondering how good (or bad) recommendations by former clients can narrow your choice.

Read in detail how long the agency works on the market, whether it has a license to transport things, as well as contact details. Do not decide on hiring professional movers at the last minute. You will not have enough time to research, and you can miss some critical things.

Don’t Give Money in Advance

Moving companies with a good reputation do not usually require an advance payment or a deposit. However, this can happen in more complex or longer relocations, and this shouldn’t worry you. A written contract that is done in this case protects you from fraud, and your items are covered by appropriate insurance.

Pay attention to moving companies which require full payment in advance. There is a chance that it’s a fraud. Pay extra attention in that case. If these movers are not able to answer your questions or avoid explaining why they are asking for payment in advance, it is best to avoid them.

The only that is justified is estimation on the spot before moving. Professional movers come to your house, make an inventory, determine the weight and dimensions of your things, arrange the route, and other details. This assessment is pretty accurate, so make sure you understand it. Professional movers will clarify any of your dilemmas.

Making Inventory Record

Reputable moving companies are hard to find, and only with them can you be sure that your move will go smoothly. As things to be transported have a value, professional movers need to provide you with a guarantee to keep them safe while transporting. It means they should take care to avoid damage, losing your stuff and theft.

That is why there are records, one for the client and one copy for a moving company. This procedure is not mandatory, but it is desirable. You need to make a list of things (mostly stuff that has high or particular value). Thus, both parties will have an insight into the damage or disappearance of your household items during transport, if this happens.

Be Careful with Signing Contract

Every detail of your moving should be in the contract. It is the safest way to avoid fraud and to know your rights if problems in transportation arise. All the services that the movers will provide you have to be on that paper. That way, both sides are protected. Do not let the smallest detail remain unclear.

A written contract should contain all costs and fees. That’s why detailed estimation is of great importance. It leaves no room for manipulation and price increases because everything is already agreed. A mandatory point in the contract includes dates when certain services have to be performed. The list of inventory is usually going with the contract.

Pay special attention to whether movers provide the option of securing your cargo. No one can know what can happen on the road while transporting your stuff. That’s why professional moving companies offer repair or a complete replacement for your stuff if they are guilty of the damage or loss.

Still, movers want to protect their interests too. They often offer insurance of goods to a certain amount of money. So if you are going to transfer some high-value things, you have to make an exclusive agreement with them or to find the other way of transportation. More about moving insurance learn from this source.

There is always a chance that some problems arise during moving. Even the best movers can’t guarantee that everything will go smoothly. So be careful about planning and organizing your relocation, but also in choosing a moving company.