Tips for decorating your micro-apartment

A micro-apartment is a type of apartment that is uniquely designed for those who want to live in a small place and do not want to spend a lot on rent. The micro-apartment is the name given to the apartments that are from 200 to 400 sq. ft. is area. These apartments are good for the cities that are crowded and they are a really good option for the students and the people living alone. There is a special kind of furniture and other things designed for these apartments that increase the storage and take lesser space so that you can feel a wide space in the apartment.

If you have just rented a micro-apartment, then you need tips to decorate it so that it does appear more spacious than it is. These apartments are available for rent as well and if you have got bad credit, you still can go for these. For the no credit check apartments useful reference, you can visit here.

Take a look at the tips that follow.

  • The first thing about micro apartment décor is to go minimalist. If you don’t need it, don’t keep it. you would not have any extra space for keeping unnecessary things in the apartment anyway.
  • When it comes to the decoration of the micro-apartment, make sure you are choosing all the things in lighter color tones and whites. This will make the space look wider. Also, the use of the prints for all the things has to be small so that the space looks wide.
  • Make use of the simple wall art to make the apartment look spacious, the dark, complex, and heavy items would make it feel thick and cluttered.
  • Make use of the mirrors when decorating the walls and avoid too much decoration. Simple clean walls would give a feel of wideness to the apartment.
  • Make use of the furniture that has legs so that the floor is revealed and the room looks wider.
  • When choosing stuff, go for smaller-sized things, for example, the laundry baskets, the racks, the vase, all have to be small so that there is more space in the apartment.
  • When choosing the shelves, go for the smaller and open ones instead of heavy or bulky shelves.
  • When choosing plants, do not go for the ones with really big leaves, the smaller ones would look better in your micro-apartment.