Secrets That a Cross Country Moving Company Won’t Tell You

Moving house is always a hassle of a process and moving across the country at least three times so. In fact, it can get so convoluted and so much work, that most people nowadays will not even consider doing it on their own. They choose to hire a relevant company to move them professionally.

But did you know that these companies tend to keep some important secrets from you? We talked to Healthy Voyager, an expert in the field of travelling, to find out what we should keep an eye out for to get a better moving experience!

It is likely that your move will be subcontracted

This is actually a fairly common practice, especially in peak seasons. A company will hire a certain number of temporary workers. This greatly relieves the direct burden on the company.

However, it tends to extremely tick off the vast majority of customers, who are upset to find that somebody they never hired, somebody they do not know at all, will be relocating their possessions.

Moreover, although it might seem like a simple boost to productivity, it can easily escalate into billing complications later on during the move or after the entire job is completed. Check out this informative web page for more insight into what subcontracting is and how it works.

To avoid the entire hullaballoo, simply make a mental note and confirm with your intended moving company, explicitly, in writing if possible, whether or not they practice subcontracting. The ideal scenario will see you having the names and proper identification of everyone on your assigned movers’ team even before the big day arrives.

Your property will not be insured for replacement costs

This is important. Never rely on your insurance policy outright, but always aim to triple-check all of the fine print. In the vast majority of cases where insurance is provided by the moving company itself, it does not cover lost or damaged property, and especially not any single item that you packed yourself.

This can turn really ugly really fast, if a precious vase or antique piece of furniture gets damaged or destroyed at any point along the way. If you are looking to learn something more about these replacement costs, you should start by reading through this useful article:

Therefore before you move always make sure to check your moving company’s insurance policies. Also ring up your homeowner for their insurance information – some of them do actually cover your own personal property during a moving. Of course, there is always the option of simply paying extra for additional moving insurance.

Some companies bite off more than they can chew

In other words, you may well encounter the very real problem of overbooking. This happens when they cram more appointments into one day than they can physically handle, when this happens, you get tired and inefficient movers, who most likely show up rather late, or in the worst case scenario do not show up at all.

Therefore it is highly preferable that you book your moving date and time early on – significantly early in fact. Always confirm the details one more time a few days before the actual date. Arrange for a relatively flexible time frame (since the nature of moving is such that an exact time is perfectly impossible to give in reality).

Also, set up a chain of command. Arrange who to call and what to strategize if your moving vehicle is late, and perhaps most importantly, confirm the company policy regarding how they handle missed appointments or overall tardiness.

You do still need a written estimate

You can get a free quote online from any decent legitimate service nowadays. These are indispensable aides in figuring out your approximate budget, comparing companies and just generally handling the logistics of your planned relocation.

However, these online quotes are miles away form a final estimate. To get a guaranteed precise estimate, or at least set the budgeting bar which must not be crossed, you have to get an on-site estimate as well. Movers will check out the volume of your property and legitimate businesses will actually insist on it.