How to Make Your Air Conditioner Work Better

When it comes to getting the best air conditioner tips, you ask your HVAC company. We have some very helpful hints for making your air conditioner work better and you would do well to consider these air conditioner tips for getting the most out of your unit. The last thing you want is for your air conditioner to break down when the temperatures reach triple digits in the dead of summer.

Not only will these hints help you run your unit more efficiently but also give you ways to cut down on your use to keep more money in your pocket when those cooling bills start to go up in those warmest months of the year.

So, let’s take a look at how you can make your air conditioner work better and run a whole lot smarter when you need it most.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

The best and most effective way for ensuring that your air conditioner is working at peak performance is to schedule maintenance check-ups on a regular basis. Tune-ups of your system are essential for keeping everything running nice and smooth. Air conditioners that don’t get proper service on a regular schedule often have to work harder and longer to make the home comfortable.

That puts a lot of undue stress and wear on your system and that can lead to a premature breakdown of the unit. Efficiency can also be affected leaving you with higher energy costs over a short period of time. Studies have shown that half of the system failures that impact the proper functionality of most air conditioner are due to a lack of routine maintenance.

Don’t make these mistakes, have your air conditioner serviced with regularity. These systems are made up of a complex network of parts and pieces that are designed to work flawlessly together to bring you cool, climate-controlled air in your home. If one of those components should go down for any reason, that can greatly increase your chances of other parts becoming compromised and soon enough, you’re dealing with a high repair bill.

Don’t Fiddle with Your Thermostat

Thermostats are delicate and fickle devices that are tasked with big responsibilities. They regulate your ability to cool your home down and make everything a lot more comfortable. But if you continually adjust the thermostat you are running the risk of overworking the system and causing a premature breakdown of the air conditioner.

The rule of thumb is to set the thermostat at around 78 degrees and leave it there. You might even set it a little higher for when the home is empty. But when you do come home, you can still set it for 78 degrees again, there is no reason to drop it down to 72. You’re not cooling the home down any quicker than if you set it at 78, you’re just going to make it cooler in the house and consume more energy to do it.

Programmable thermostats are a great way to keep the temperature in the home well-regulated. Just set it and forget it, the device will do all the work for cooling your home when you are there and shutting down the system when you are not.

Shut the Curtains

The whole point of your home’s cooling system is to, well, cool down the home. Air conditioners that have less heat to defeat can be a lot more effective and efficient and getting the job done. So, keep your curtains shut when the sun is at full power. Preventing more heat and light to get inside is ideal for keeping your air conditioner from working overtime to get to your desired indoor temperature.

But you don’t want to keep those curtains shut all the time. Once the sun goes down, feel free to open those window coverings back up to let the heat escape through your windows to the outside.

Your windows, shades, and blinds can be a valuable ally in helping you get your air conditioner to work better and they should not be ignored.

Get the Dehumidifier Involved

Humidity can have a real impact on your home’s interior temperature. Homeowners will run the air conditioner to beat the heat when the humidity is the real culprit. So, running a humidifier to help reduce the amount of humid air that exists can be highly effective at cooling everything down when the heat seems overwhelming.

Don’t rely on the air conditioner alone to get the job done. Let the dehumidifier do some of the work and you’ll find that your home is a lot cooler in less time.