How to Know You’ve Landed a Great Real Estate Agent

Real estate brokerages are a dime a dozen in most cities. Like in any industry, there are those agents that rise to the top. They are the cream of the crop. They are the ones that move the most inventory and keep their clients satisfied at the same time.

As a buyer or seller, you obviously want the best agent working for you. So your first step is to shop around. Talk to people who have bought and sold recently. Talk to family members and friends, coworkers, and anyone else you can think of. You can learn a lot from their recommendations one way or the other.

How do you know you have landed a great real estate agent? Below are some of the signs, compliments of CityHome Collective in Salt Lake City, Utah. CityHome Collective offers both real estate broker and interior design services.

1. A Passion for Real Estate

Real estate is more a sales game than anything else. As with anything involving sales, the best agents are passionate about what they do. They love real estate. They eat, sleep, and breathe houses. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a starter home or a downtown condo. Your agent should be excited about helping you.

2. Good at Communicating

Though buying and selling real estate is primarily about sales, it is not like you are walking up to a property cash register to complete the transaction. There is no home store featuring all of the latest houses on the shelf. Therefore, you and your agent are going to conduct most of your interactions separate from one another.

What does this suggest? That a good agent is very good at communicating. They respond to your phone calls and emails promptly. They know how to give you all the details without overwhelming you.

3. Good at Listening

Hand-in-hand with communication skills is the ability to listen. The best real estate agents know how to do that. A good agent will listen to you because they know that their ultimate goal is to make sure you’re pleased with the end result of your relationship. On the other hand, winding up with an agent who automatically thinks they know what’s best could make for a very rocky experience.

4. Knows the Area Well

There is nothing quite like working with a real estate agent who knows the local area well. An agent who has grown up in the same area in which you are buying or selling is ideal. They know the history of the place. They know what the housing inventory is like and what you can expect from local amenities, schools, etc.


Imagine you are buying in Salt Lake City. The greater Salt Lake area is one of the hottest real estate markets in the country right now. It has been for close to a decade. Agents with local knowledge know Salt Lake City like the backs of their hands. They are the ones you want working for you.

5. Willing to Work

Finally, any real estate agent that expects you to buy the first house you see or sell on the first offer that comes across their desk is either unrealistic or unwilling to work. You cannot afford that. You need an agent willing to work hard for that commission payment. The harder your agent works, the better it is for you.

Note that it pays to shop around. Getting out of a real estate contract once it has been signed isn’t easy. So take your time and vet a number of different brokerages and agents before you settle on one.