Commercial Building Maintenance Tips

Having a commercial building can be a hard job depending on how complex is it because even smaller ones need maintenance. The goal is to make it last longer without putting too much money into it. It can be a routine but there are new ways of maintaining it as we get new technology. The worst thing that can happen is the damages you can’t have an influence on.

Because these situations can happen you need to have a contractor by your side to get the job done. Always have an experienced company to do your commercial building repair. Making the call on time can save you a lot of money because if you ignore one problem the second one will come along. The price of the building will also depend on the amount of maintenance needed so in order to have a higher value you need it in great condition.

Energy Consumption

A very important thing to do to cut down the expenses is by an energy audit. When you look at the bills, you will realize that the energy costs can’t be compared to other bills. By doing the energy audit you can see where is the problem that makes your bill larger. There are a lot of things that can be an issue but you need to start from somewhere.

After you check and realize you have a problem, you can call a professional to help you determine where you can cut down the costs. Even things like switching the old light-bulbs can be beneficial. Other bigger projects like replacing roof insulation, replacing window glass and repairing insulation on the windows and doors are usually the problem.

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Safety Audit and Remodeling Projects

If the property goes through inspection, one of the most important things will be the safety fixtures and mechanisms. In order to avoid any accidents, these fixtures need to be in working order. This way you will avoid any lawsuits. They include fire detector system, emergency doors, emergency exit signs and lighting systems. You should check these every month to make sure they are operating well.

There are people that don’t understand the importance of remodeling and being up to date. When you visit a well-known commercial building you will notice how modern it looks outside and inside. You should look at it as your home. So, replacing old stuff like carpets and repainting is an ordinary thing. It should feel fresh when someone visits it. This will give a more professional look to it.


Besides remodeling, you need to look deeper and check for any damages. Things like mold and cracks can be very dangerous when you leave them for a couple of years. They might happen at unexpected or hard to get areas so you need to hire someone to check the whole building. This will prevent any bigger issues that can occur. Find information online about the best contractors in your area so you won’t worry about having the same problem. You shouldn’t think too much about saving money on safety.

HVAC Systems and Pest Control

Half of the fires that happen in buildings are because of outdated and poorly maintained HVAC systems. It isn’t anything unusual that in summer time your air conditioner works overtime and needs to be properly maintained so it won’t break. In that time of the year, you will need a monthly inspection. Cleaning and replacing the filters is a simple job but most people forget to do it.

You should always have a technician in contacts if you find a problem that needs to be solved immediately. A thing that is becoming popular these years is software that is controlling every aspect of the building you usually forget about. When something goes wrong the program will send you a message and also to your contractor that will come to the location and fix the problem.

Pests could cost you thousands of dollars if not dealt with on time. You would have to temporary remove everyone from the building. People don’t need to complain about them so you can react, they can be there but you just can’t see them. At least once a year you should have a professional to check the building.