4 Dog Breeds For Apartment Living | Condo Friendly Dogs

Boca Raton is a hot spot for condo owners who are looking for stunning views, convenient locations, and a luxurious lifestyle. Boca is a prestigious city that houses some of the wealthiest people in Florida. Millions flock to Boca for the warm weather, sunny beaches, and blue skies to establish permanent residence. Florida residents love to live in condos. However, the costs of owning or renting one can be very expensive. This factoid shows that condo owners are not worried about their pets. Although having a pet is a great joy, sometimes it can be difficult to determine the right size for your pet. Boca is home to many dogs. Many condo owners worry about whether their dog will be happy in their new place. With a little research, you can find the right dog breed for your condo.


The most popular dog breed in Boca is the Maltese. You’ve likely seen this breed in shopping carts, bags, and on leashes if you’re a Boca resident or visitor. This breed is very popular in this area. The Maltese is one of the most popular breeds, even if you don’t live in a condo. Their small stature and gentle nature make them easy to care for. Royalty once loved the Maltese’s iconic appearance. The Maltese is a great breed for condos, with its magnificent white coat that practically doesn’t shed.

French Bulldog

French bulldogs, also known as “Frenchie”, are one of the most popular dogs for condos. They are a great breed because of their cute face, small stature and ability to get along well with strangers and children. Frenchies, like the Maltese, have easy-care fur. Frenchies make a great choice for condos because they don’t need much space and can be great in apartments or condos. However, this breed requires at least 15 minutes of walking to avoid becoming overweight. Florida’s hot summers can make it feel like you’re being wrapped in a blanket. Frenchies don’t like the heat, so they enjoy air conditioning during the hot summers. As you live your life with your beloved companion, be sure to remember this.

Yorkshire Terrier

The “Yorkies”, another very loved dog breed here in Boca is the “Yorkies”. They are a small, loving bundle of joy. Yorkies, like the other toy breeds mentioned above, can be easily accommodated in a condo. Yorkies are very good at training and can prevent accidents. This breed’s ability to obey commands reduces the stress of taking your dog outside. This breed, like the Frenchie dog, prefers to be indoors. They don’t enjoy the heat of the sun. They are also friendly with people around them, which is why they are considered one of the most popular dog breeds. You don’t need to bring your fur baby down to the pool to be territorial.


Boca Raton is synonymous with these adorable, fluffy little dogs. These dogs were popularized by European royals, including Queen Victoria, in the 18th century. They became smaller over time as the queen popularized the diminutive breed. The Queen Victoria’s 1888 adoption resulted in the creation of the pomeranians we know today. Pomeranians are a gentle, friendly lapdog that can be enjoyed in your condo. They weigh between 3 and 7 pounds. They are small in stature but strong and sturdy. Their compact frame hides their trademark smile.

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