Real Estate Agent or FSBO?

Picture this scenario. A couple in a suburb Los Angeles want to sell their house for the maximum profit they could possibly get. They have signed with a real estate agent who will be representing them in the sale of their house for the next four months. That very end of the month, the couple seemed to have sold the house for a little more than the asking price, which is almost unheard of in a recession-like market.

Now let us talk about another scenario where another homeowner is trying to list his property by himself. The owner has taken a new job in another part of the country but is reluctant to move quickly due to the pending of his house sale. He is selling without an agent to save the real-estate commission. He has composed ads in the newspaper, a few real estate websites, has run it in various versions and visit this page daily as well. That first week, the phone rang off the hook and most of them were from real estate agents marketing their service. A few of them were from potential buyers requesting to see the property. There are various questions from them that need to be answered, like what color is the living room, what about the kitchen, how much is the living space of the bedroom, is the patio covered and so on.

The seller has been spending a big chunk of his daily time answering those questions, emailing responses and scheduling open house for these buyers. At some point the buyers would hang up with an abrupt ending to the conversation. And three months into this drama, the house is still sitting in the market and the seller is unable to make the move to his new place.

Now compare the two above scenarios and figure out what makes more sense for your situation. Did the first couple took the right step in choosing a real estate agent? Does the second seller feel the money he saved by going solo worth the trouble? Selling a real estate property is an art. Only a few people are able to handle the stress, and tasks, involved. Although there can be suggested steps in arriving at successful selling, the truth is that a house will sell when there is a chance for the seller and buyer. Indeed, those are the terms for selling anything. However, there is stress inherent in the process of real estate sale. The process can only be controlled through careful thought and perseverance.

Many eligible real estate agents are trained and experienced to handle stress. To do that, they have tossed out some of the long-held ideas about selling in general. They are professional in many ways and not distracted by day-to-day living. In essence, it is their job, not a weekend hobby or a life changing event. Real estate is a big business and the riskiest one considering the amount of money involved, which for most is their entire life-savings. What is more alarming is that many homeowners don’t take this fact seriously.