4 Kitchen Cabinet Storage Tips and Tricks

When it comes time to organize your cabinets it helps to have a good game plan. After all, your kitchen cabinets are tasked with storing everything you need to prepare, cook, and enjoy meals with your family. So that means you need sufficient space for your pots, pans, utensils, small appliances, food, dry goods, and more.

But sometimes, that “more” part can be miscellaneous odds and ends that don’t necessarily belong in your kitchen cabinets and these can be taking up precious storage space. You may also find that you are storing expired food or other items that you just don’t use anymore or you’ve perhaps outgrown.

You’ve already upgraded and revitalized the exterior of your cabinets through cabinet refinishing san jose, now is the time to focus on the interior of the cabinets to maximize your space for the things you need and use most often. We’re going to show how you do to just that:

1. Get Rid of The Clutter

Take a good long look at your cabinets and conduct an assessment of each and every item that you have been storing inside of them all this time. You may soon realize there are plenty of things you no longer need or want. Old food, broken appliances, worn out utensils that you haven’t picked up in years.

Why are you holding on to all this stuff? Junk it! After you do a critical reconsideration of the items inside your cabinets, you’ll find you have opened up a whole lot of space.

2. Increase Your Functionality

Now let’s get to organizing. Your cabinets can still remain cluttered if everything inside of them is placed in a haphazard manner. So, start to think about how you can make your cabinet space a lot more functional. You can start by grouping items together for easier access.

Place all of your spices in one cabinet so you’re not searching around for the one you need next time you’re prepping that roast. Put dry pasta and jars of sauce on the same shelf. Arrange your cooking oils, flour, and bread crumbs side by side as these items are typically used at the same time. Get creative with this aspect of your cabinet storage, think about how you can make your space more functional.

3. Maximizing Your Storage Capacity

Avoid leaving too much empty space in your cabinets. You want to maximize what you have at your disposal, so find ways to utilize your negative space with smart and sensible solutions. Add a rack or a lazy susan to allow your cabinets to store more of the items you need to reach with ease.

Storage is at a premium in most kitchens, figure out how to use it all the best you can without making them appear cluttered again.

4. Don’t Forget Your Cabinet Doors

Just because they don’t have shelves attached doesn’t mean you should ignore your cabinet doors. There is a lot of prime unused space back there, so install some hooks or hanging racks and put those cabinet doors to work for you.