The Importance of Professional Furnace Maintenance

You want your air conditioner to work when the summer months are at their strongest. The same goes for your furnace when winter hits and, if the past few years are any indication, it will hit hard this year. That’s why professional furnace maintenance is so critical for keeping your Tulsa HVAC system operating at peak performance.

So, what makes furnace maintenance so critical to the life of your furnace? There are a number of reasons as to why you should have it checked out on an annual basis by an expert at the task:

Keep Your Furnace Running Efficiently

You already pay enough in heating costs each year, why pay more than you have to? With routine maintenance, you can ensure that your furnace isn’t working longer and harder than necessary just to keep your home warm.

Like any piece of equipment, certain components can sustain wear and tear quicker than others, and when you rely on your furnace almost constantly in colder climates, the unit can start to show signs of age.

If your furnace is running with optimum efficiency, it doesn’t become overtaxed by working overtime to heat your home. That efficiency saves you money, because when the furnace isn’t running, you’re not expending energy.

Check for Problems Before They Happen

When you have a professional technician checking your furnace annually, you are making it a lot easier to diagnose potential problems before they occur. This means you can avoid the unit breaking down when you need it most. A technician will do a full analysis of the unit, administer any touch-ups or cleanings that might be required, and tell you whether or not you should replace a part sooner than later.

This not only allows you to avoid making costly repairs after something has broken down but it can also extend the life of your furnace. It’s like any expensive piece of complex equipment, if you neglect it, the lifespan will be shortened. Regular maintenance allows you to get the most out of your financial investment in your unit and prevents you from having to buy a new one sooner than expected.

Prevent from Voiding Your Warranty

When you purchased your new furnace it likely came with a manufacturer’s warranty. Should something go wrong with the unit, the manufacturer guarantees your purchase with free repairs or replacement up to a certain length of time.

But that warranty probably outlined specific requirements for service and inspection that must be conducted in order to maintain the validity of the warranty. Should you fail to meet those requirements, the warranty may indeed become null and void and you could be the one shelling out a whole lot of money to fix any problems that might arise with your furnace.

Avoid Tragedy

One of the more hazardous by-products of furnace operation is the release of carbon monoxide. Your furnace is hooked up to an exhaust pipe that vents that carbon monoxide outdoors. A professional technician will check to ensure there are no leaks in the exhaust pipe, preventing carbon monoxide from entering your home, which can be fatal if undetected.