Should You Get Double or Triple Pane Windows?

When the time has come for installing windows in your home, you may want to discuss putting in double or triple pane options with your window replacement company. Let’s go over the basics of each option so you can make a better-informed choice for the type of window that’s right for your home:

Double Pane Windows

As the name explains, your windows have two panes of glass installed with a spacer that is designed to keep them separate from one another. Double panes are ideal for lowering your heat loss and provide increased insulation to help reduce your energy costs. Energy efficiency is an important component of your decision-making process in choosing the right window. Double pane offers many benefits. For starters, they cost less to purchase and install when compared to their triple pane counterparts.


The material of your frames plays a big role in the energy efficiency debate. Installing double pane windows makes the most sense with vinyl or fiberglass frames. These are the most resilient materials and they combat the type of warping and bending that can occur with other materials that are less durable.


Two panes of glass, side by side, requires just one spacer. But you want to be sure the spacer is accurate as too much space in between the panes can reduce your energy efficiency. Too much space will make the windows less energy efficient.

Gas Component

All double pane windows come with a gas such as argon or krypton installed in between the panes to help increase the thermal efficiency of the window. Argon is less expensive than krypton and this will affect the overall cost of your window.

Triple Pane Windows

Of the two, triple pane is more expensive because more materials are being used to create the window. There are three panes of glass and two spacers, this makes the window units themselves heavier and a little more complicated to install.


Since the windows are heavier, you want to go with vinyl or fiberglass because they can bear the brunt of that added weight. You won’t need to worry about the window warping or twisting as they age. These frame materials are also easier to maintain and so they won’t show excessive amounts of wear and tear over time.


Similar to double pane, you want to be sure your window’s spacers are placed at just the right distance so there is only enough room to allow for proper air flow between the panes, now with three to contend instead of just the two on double pane. The added panes increase your energy efficiency since heat has additional barriers through which to pass.

Energy Efficiency

Similar to double pane windows, triple pane windows also have those same gases installed in between the panes to bring heightened insulation and greater energy efficiency. The gas is placed in both spaces between your window panes so there are even more barriers to prevent heat from escaping to the outside.