Dock Lighting Basics for Newbies

You always take the right precautions for staying safe on the water. But what about when you return to your dock? Did you know that a majority of accidents happen when your boat is near or at a dock. The right dock lighting can help you avoid these mishaps and the damage and injury that can come with them.

Simply put, if your visibility is poor you are increasing your chances of colliding with the dock in your boat or falling into the water when you step off the vessel. These are risks you just don’t need to take and why would you? Safety is the highest priority in and around your boat and that extends to the dock. So heed these useful lighting tips to keep you and everyone else around you safe from harm by increasing visibility where you need it most.

Talk to your favorite Dock Lighting Company to discuss these and many other options for getting the right lighting for your dock.

Light Placement Is Essential

There are two main components that must be considered when you are installing your dock lighting. You want to be able to see the edge of the water and any walkway you will be using to get from the water to dry land. So, consider your placement carefully and be sure that you have plenty of illumination along the water’s edge. The easier it is to see where the water starts, the easier it will be to avoid falling in.

As for your walkways, adding lights along the edges of the walk creates an easy to see perimeter that will prevent anyone from taking a bad step and ending up in the drink. But you need to consider what type of lights you place along the walks, go with something that points down and doesn’t have a wide throw. You want to reduce the effects of light pollution while illuminating the walkway at night.

Go Solar

Not only is solar a better option for the environment, it’s also a smarter way to light your dock because it takes the responsibility out of your hands and makes everything automatic. Solar-powered fixtures function by sensing when the sun rises and falls. When the fixtures determine that night has come, they will switch on all by themselves. As dawn arrives, they will shut off, again, all by themselves.

This makes it safer for everyone near your dock because proper illumination is available when you need it most and not when you remember to turn it on.

Choose Fixtures That Can Withstand Punishment

Installing light fixtures around a dock is a lot different than installing them around the exterior of your home and property. Dock lighting will be exposed to water, salt, high winds, and other elements that can only be found near the water. So, choose your fixtures carefully, be sure they can withstand all of this abuse. Plastic is probably best as it won’t corrode in the ways that metal fixtures can under these types of pressures.